Species of clouds - here you will find a variety of clouds, some in print, and others scattered about the Ethernet, somewhere up there

Poetry - Lenticularis

Upside down pyramids, with softened edges, an unworldly home for pathos.

The Big Window Review, 2019

Crossways Literary Magazine, 2019 

Coffin Bell, 2019

 Canary, A Literary Journal, Fall, 2019 

The Westchester Review, 2019

Page 40, Tipton Poetry Review, 2019

Vita Brevis Press, 2018

Wounded Hinge

Typishly Literary Journal, 2018

Creative Nonfiction - Cirrus

Colossal white architecture, designed solid with the white bones honestly, at least until a structure reaches the altitude of the stars of Orion, at twilight, all bets are off.  

Lowestoft Literary Journal, 2020

Adelaide Magazine, 2019

Rue Scribe, 2019

White Wall Review, University of Wisconsin, 2019

Abstract Mag TV, JL Jacobs curator

Adelaide Magazine, 2019

Spillwords, 2018

                                   "Blessed be she who is both furious and magnificent."

Fiction - Cumulonimbus

Cumulonimbus clouds are Special. They exquisitely exist, inside and outside of your mind. The only clouds that can turn themselves inside, out look like a Cheshire smile, turn words into chips of starlight into the next morning's daylight or dynamite. Be careful, if you start too long, they might burn your eyes. 

Your Impossible Voice, 2020

45th Parallel, Oregon State University, 2020

Saying Goodbye Shouldn't Hurt so Much

Journal of Arts & Letters, 2020

Whatever Keeps the Lights On, 2020 

The Selkie, U.K. 2020

Literary Heist, Canada, 2020

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Five on Fifth, 2020 

Cephalopress, Italy 2020

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Page 84, October Hill 2020

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Liquid Imagination, 2019

The Helix, Literary and Arts Magazine, 2019

The News Flash Fiction Review, 2019

Dissections, 2019

Dime Show Review, 2019

Spelk Magazine, 2018

"Yeah, I know what your English Professor tried to tell you. But if your English Professor could make a living writing fiction, they would have been doing it."

-Dean Wesley Smith-